Game Meat

Plan for 'deer ranches' in Scotland

Plans are being laid to create a network of vast deer ranches in the glens and hills of Scotland to cater for the nation’s appetite for venison, once more commonly associated with historical banquets but now finding its way into shopping baskets as a low-fat, eco-meat.

JSW, 20 Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire

The initials stand for Jake Saul Watkins, the 37-year-old chef-proprietor of JSW who began operations in a tiny side-street restaurant, and moved into this 17th-century coaching inn round the corner two years ago. He's already picked up a Michelin star ("Contemporary cooking: flavourful, well-sourced and confident," they say) and much enthusiasm in other guides. Simplicity, they all say, that's the ticket with JSW, simplicity and classiness.

Is Harry Blain Britart's most powerful man?

Once upon time there was a great institution, tucked in just behind London's Royal Academy, called The Museum of Mankind. For 30 years it showed off the British Museum's extensive collective of ethnographical objects. About 10 years ago it closed its doors, and the building's been looking pretty woebegone ever since then, used for just a few days once a year to house the Zoo Art Fair. Otherwise, it has been empty and in serious need of refurbishment. Now a man called Harry Blain has brought it to life by leasing it from the Royal Academy and turning it into a private gallery. Except that it doesn't look and feel like a private gallery. It has all the panache of a museum space.