George Clinton

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Earth, Wind & Fire, The O2, gig review

When it comes to fusing together musical styles in a way that delivers huge commercial success and critical approval, few bands can claim the same success as Earth, Wind & Fire. Taking heed of the blueprint set out by funk pioneers like George Clinton, and building upon it layers of soul, jazz, disco and more, the Los Angeles band had become one of the planet's biggest pop acts by the late Seventies.

What to do if ... you become an MP

Chloe Smith became the country's youngest MP, aged 27, last year. The Conservative member for Norwich North, she was elected to the seat when the local MP Ian Gibson (Labour) stood down during the expenses furore

Tory MP denounces Howells's lead role in rendition inquiry

A former minister hand-picked by Gordon Brown to lead an intelligence watchdog should not lead an inquiry into Britain's involvement in transporting terrorist suspects for interrogation and torture abroad, a senior Tory claimed last night.

What did you Puritans ever do for us, Oliver?

Well, there's sexual liberation, personal hygiene, press freedom... On the eve of a new drama about Cromwell and the English Revolution, its writer Peter Flannery tells Lucy Powell we've got the Roundheads all wrong