Gisele Bundchen

Traveller's Guide: Uruguay

This varied country has an elegant capital city, calm and wild beaches, unspoilt wetlands, horseriding, surfing... and world-class beef, says Tim Burford

The Carpenter's Arms, Fulbrook Hill, Fulbrook, Burford, Oxfordshire

Some gastropubs have too much pub and not enough gastro, and you find yourself eating your lunch balanced on your knees. Some are all gastro and no trace of pub at all, as though the management decided one day that people who just stand around drinking beer and talking on their premises are horrid riff-raff. It takes a place like the Carpenter's Arms in Fulbrook to remind you how the joint concept is supposed to work.

Ready To Wear: The mighty Euro

News that Gisele Bundchen - or at least her twin sister and manager, Patricia - has insisted that Pantene pay the model in euros not dollars to represent the brand was duly plastered all over the press last week, not least because it provided picture editors (mostly male) with the opportunity to break up any hard news with this utterly gorgeous woman's image once again. And who can blame them?