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Greg Dyke

The week in radio: Culture-clash comedy can still raise a smile

Regular Radio 4 listeners will already know The Reunion, the programme that has been picking at old scabs and offering moist-eyed snapshots of times gone by since 2006. It's about revisiting crowning glories and ghastly calamities of old, with the wonderful, and sometimes awful, benefit of hindsight. Like Desert Island Discs, it has a distinct format: a group of people are brought together to recall a shared moment in their lifetimes. Unlike DID, however, there is more scope for sadness, for joy, or for sheer, red-faced fury.

BBC deputy 'had £950,000 payoff'

The former second-in-command at the BBC got a redundancy payment of around £950,000 when he left the corporation last month, according to reports.

Christopher Bland: A gross media manipulation that has eroded public

"Nothing to add to evidence to inquiry. Dossier not case for war." (Alastair Campbell, Twitter, May 12 2011.) "Alastair Campbell said to the Inquiry that the purpose of the Dossier was "not to make a case for war". I had no doubt at the time that this was exactly its purpose...." (Major-General Michael Laurie's letter 0f 27.1.10 to the Chilcot enquiry, released on Thursday, 15 months later.)

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Mark Thompson: Screen saver

From Ross and Brand to expenses, via top-slicing and the Gaza appeal row, the BBC's director general has been resolute and stood his ground