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Harrison Ford

Choice of Gosling will help appease sceptical Blade Runner fans

When we heard the first news of a potential Blade Runner 2, a collective groan echoed across the film community (well, from the collected factions of dedicated fanboys). But as the news has had time to settle in and announcements have been made, it would now seem to be generally acceptable to be getting pretty excited about the prospect of returning to a Ridley Scott’s most terrifying dystopia. 

Extraordinary Measures (PG)

The fact that it's based on Geeta Anand's book, The Cure: How a Father Raised $100 Million – and Bucked the Medical Establishment – in a Quest to Save His Children, should warn you what to expect, as well as telling you the plot.

John Ratzenberger: Pixar perfect

John Ratzenberger explains to Tim Walker how he gave voice to a digital revolution after stepping down from the bar stool in Cheers

Story of the Scene: 'Blade Runner' Ridley Scott (1982)

The climactic scene of Blade Runner is the story of a famous building and a key piece of improvisation. Ridley Scott's film was based on the novel by Philip K Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. William Burroughs also wrote a script called Bladerunner (about a surgeon who illegally sells surgical instruments); Scott brought the script just to use the title.

Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost box office

He may not be getting any younger and that bullwhip might not crack with the snap it once had. But Indiana Jones's enduring ability to strike box-office gold has eased some of the pain of a disastrous early summer for Hollywood's studios.