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Indiana Jones

On holiday with Indiana Jones

Thirty years since Raiders of the Lost Ark came to the big screen, the intrepid archaeologist with the bullwhip is still inspiring travellers, says Matt Barr

Steven Spielberg: Close encounters of a fresh kind

This summer Steven Spielberg is back in a big way. By working with new, young directors and television producers, Hollywood's most successful film-maker has reinvented himself for the 21st century, says Sarah Hughes

One Minute With: Neil Cross

I'm at the dining table in the living room of my house in Wellington, New Zealand, which is where I spend most of my year. It's been a beautiful summer day — blue skies, green hills, a tranquil harbour being criss-crossed by the inter-island ferries.

Closer look: Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves

Once in a while a game comes along which surpasses all other examples within its genre and in doing so creates a compelling, unparalleled experience; Uncharted 2 is one such game. Naughty Dog Studio’s creation is a masterpiece of game design. Never before have story and action sequences been so beautifully combined to produce an experience which can only be described as akin to participating in an interactive movie – and we’re talking Raiders of the Lost Ark here, not Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Snake safari in Kenya

You have to be made of stern stuff to go on a reptile safari in Kenya. Matt Carroll steels himself

Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost box office

He may not be getting any younger and that bullwhip might not crack with the snap it once had. But Indiana Jones's enduring ability to strike box-office gold has eased some of the pain of a disastrous early summer for Hollywood's studios.

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Indiana Jones and the Heap of Old Junk

The 12 surviving Aztec crystal skulls are cherished by museums, revered by New-Age writers, and have a starring role in Harrison Ford's new movie. There's just one problem: they are fakes, say French experts

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Here are the highlights we’ve picked out for the next five months, have a look to see whether you fancy sitting in the cinema or a big, muddy field…