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Japan disappoints as Q3 growth is revised down

Japan’s private sector is losing faith in prime minister Shinzo Abe’s “shock and awe” tactics to revive the world’s third biggest economy after worrying figures today showed business investment flat-lining in the latest quarter

Paul Soros: Shipping magnate and philanthropist

Paul Soros was a Hungarian-born shipping innovator and magnate, philanthropist and forward-thinking entrepreneur. He was, according to his younger brother, the billionaire George Soros, "a big-picture man". Both hugely successful brothers had learned from their father "to go against the rules when they are wrong".

MBA Blog: The Hong Kong Global Business Experience was the best way to

Private equity has always fascinated me. To understand how general partners turn around a company when it is in distress or position it to sustain its success and foster its growth, has always been exciting to me. Today Asia, and more particularly China, drives the world’s economy. What better Global Business Experience for me than this trip to Hong Kong to study private equity?

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Cyclone Rusty heads for Australian north west

Australia's major iron ore port was shut down and residents along a remote stretch of the country's west coast ordered to take shelter as a powerful cyclone bore down on the region today, bringing drenching rains and lashing winds.