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Jamie Cullum

Monty Sunshine: Clarinettist in the vanguard of the trad-jazz boom of

Monty Sunshine, the clarinettist on the million-selling "Petite Fleur", was at the forefront of the traditional jazz boom in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He had a delightful stage presence and remained modest. "How can any jazz musician get conceited?" he once asked me, "He only has to put on the records of the great masters to wake up to his true status."

Bands get behind pancreatic awareness week

Next week is the UK’s first Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Week. The cancer type attracts only a pitiful 1 per cent of all funding despite having the worst survival rate.

Album: Jamie Cullum, The Pursuit (Decca)

No one can accuse Cullum of resting on his laurels.The Pursuit finds the pint sized jazz-popper running the gamut of his musical meanderings from triphop to show tunes to a house number to straight up love balladry. It doesn'tall work, but none of it isa shambles and no onecould be left in any doubtthat Cullum is movingaway from novelty partyact into the realm ofserious artist. There's stilla suspicion that he's toocute and controlled ever topush an envelope, but he'sno one-trick pony and he'smore than a British Bublé.