Jamie Hince

Karen Elson: A singer after a fashion

Karen Elson is the latest model to try her hand at making a pop album. Fiona Sturges looks at the successes and, more commonly, the failures of models-turned-would-be rock stars

Pandora: Brown beware: Cherie flirts with further memoirs

Cherie Blair's autobiography has met with mixed reaction: en masse serialisation, chart-topping sales and calls for her to resign. Less varied were the critics' views: "starkly misjudged" was one verdict, "cringe-making" another, and "breathtakingly narcissistic" a third.

Pandora: Unhappy days for Bez

If any reader knows of a vacancy for a maracas player, please get in touch at the Pandora's email address. Bez, the Happy Mondays' "walking miracle" and "freaky dancer", a gurning Mancunian famed for his rhumba shakers, flying goggles and appetite for hardcore narcotics (Drugs? "It's my job") , has been declared bankrupt for a second time.