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Architecture's Evil Empire?, By Miles Glendinning
A Guide To The

In a world driven by economic savagery, hearts of darkness more mendacious than Conrad's original, and a globalised Tourette's Syndrome of texts, Twitter and Facebook, is there any point in thinking seriously, rather than entertainingly, about architecture? It has become a whipped-dog subject, virtually devoid of manifestos, heavy on irony and bottom-line issues. Two engrossing books, one examining the pathology that has produced icon-mania, the other a vivid motormouth travelogue through 12 British towns and cities, try very hard to imagine that architecture's often servile 21st century inertias can be reversed.

Daydreaming with James Lavelle preview

Musician and co-founder of Unkle James Lavelle, a man who has collaborated with greats such as Thom Yorke, Ian Brown and Jarvis Cocker, is set to host another artistic collaboration with a three-day pop-up music and art show at the Haunch of Venison gallery in London this weekend.

The Highlight Reel: Attractive prospects?

One South African newspaper criticised the selections of Fabio "Costello". This begs the question: who are The Attractions? D Beck is a leading contender, of course, but Heskey is widely held to have the best physique, and Lennon and Defoe are known for their beauty products, so it could be them. And what of Joe Hart, voted England's sexiest player yesterday? They've been calling him a Hartbreaker for years.

Radio 2 told to tune in to listeners over 65

BBC Radio 2 has been told it must do more to appeal to older listeners – particularly over-65s. In a major review of the station, the BBC Trust said Britain's biggest network should find a "more varied and challenging selection of programmes", even if this meant losing some of its audience.

Album: Charlotte Gainsbourg, IRM (Because)

Charlotte Gainsbourg has made a second career out of playing a musical muse, from her 13-year-old debut with her father Serge on "Lemon Incest" to the varied collaborators (Jarvis Cocker, Air, Neil Hannon, etc) who furnished the musical frames for her 2006 album 5.55.

Rhiannon Harries: Madge, it's time to stop changing before you forget

If necessity is the mother of invention, what is it that begets reinvention? Every time I clap eyes on a celebrity's "amazing new look" on the cover of anything from OK! to Vogue, I'm tempted to conclude that, when it comes to self-reinvention, insecurity and desperation are primary motivators.

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Jarvis Cocker: 'Gordon Brown is crushingly dull. I'd advocate a

You don't find the little café that sits at the bottom of Brookhouse Hill, on the outer reaches of Sheffield's town centre, without exerting a considerable amount of effort. First, you have to insist to the taxi driver who believes otherwise that, yes, it really does exist, and then, when you have reached the end of the deeply suburban road that appears to lead nowhere, you get out, pay the man, cross the road, squeeze through a gate, and head down a winding path until you get to a frigid lake whose few ducks look as if they wish they were elsewhere. It is the middle of April, British spring time. Consequently, it is freezing cold. It is also disquietingly misty round here. "Not misty," says Jarvis Cocker, Sheffield native and still proud of the place he left 20 years ago. "Atmospheric."

The Leisure Society, Bush Hall, London

The Leisure Society were strangely absent from various lists of forthcoming stars of 2009 – which means either that they were the victims of an outrageous slight, or that the acts chosen ahead of them must be amazingly good.