John Hutton

Brown promises energy help for 10m homes

Gordon Brown today unveiled a £1bn package to help struggling households cope with soaring energy prices, promising it would be funded by suppliers and producers.

Another day, another Brown relaunch

The cabinet, meeting in Birmingham, has rallied behind Gordon Brown in a public show of support. But some ministers warned privately that they would "review" his position if he failed to transform Labour's prospects.

Back to black: return to coal power

The Government will today anger environmentalists by signalling its support for a controversial new generation of coal-fired power stations and warning that Britain needs to burn more fossil fuels to prevent power cuts.

Hutton faces a battle in 'the job nobody wants'

Mr Hutton, 50, seen as one of the Blairite "ultras", has the task of cutting the soaring cost of incapacity benefit. Last week Mr Blunkett angrily clashed with the Prime Minister's officials who had accused him of not going far enough with the reforms in forcing people back into work.