Josef Stalin

Stalin rises again over Vladimir Putin's Russia

Sixty years on from Kruschev's 'secret speech' denouncing Stalin, Russia has still not fully acknowledged the horrors perpetrated by its dictator – and now there are fears that Putin is returning to his methods. Nadia Beard reports

Picture of the day: Uniforms in uniform

These Russian soldiers were being put through their paces yesterday at Alabino, just outside Moscow, in preparation for the huge Victory Day parade planned for 9 May in the capital.

Audrey Mossom: Railway Queen of Great Britain who was entertained by

Audrey Mossom, who has died aged 88, won considerable fame when, in 1935, as a vivacious 15-year-old schoolgirl, she was crowned Railway Queen of Great Britain. Subsequently one of the earliest celebrities to switch-on Blackpool's famous illuminations, not once, but twice, she also undertook a highly controversial peace trip to Russia, where, among others, she met Joseph Stalin.