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The girls can't help it: The sacred bond of sorority

Friends, rivals, partners – sisters can be all these and more. Why is this particular sibling set-up so complicated, and so fascinating to outsiders? From the Bennets to the Middletons, Harriet Walker studies the sacred bond of sorority

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Who's really who in the UK Twitterati

Twitter has grown in five years from derided fad to turbocharged engine of change, with its own powerful elite. Tim Walker takes a closer look at the top 100

Diary: Inconspicuous by her absence

This column naturally applauds any celebrity who decides to use every means at their disposal to highlight the spread of Aids in Africa and India. Thus I was somewhat dismayed to learn that the efforts of a selection of American stars to raise money for a relevant charity (at – by removing themselves from social networking sites until $1m is raised – have been a tad underwhelming so far. As of 6pm yesterday, said celebrities have amassed less than $162,000 since ceasing to tweet and/or update their Facebook status.