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Kurt Cobain

Barometer: Kurt Cobain

17 years ago today Kurt Cobain took his own life in a suicide that shook not just the music world, but pop culture in general. All this time on, there’s very little to say about Cobain, or indeed Nirvana – the ground breaking grunge rock’n'roll band he fronted – that hasn’t already been said.

Kurt Cobain's death: 17 years on

It's 17 years now since the death of one of the most iconic frontmen guitar music has ever produced. We look back at some of our key coverage of the life and death of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain

Teenage Fanclub, Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

"I've got a pocketful of words in my brain/ I pull something out when I think I should," Raymond McGinley croons pleasantly on the exquisite "Verisimilitude" from 1995's Grand Prix, Teenage Fanclub's majestic pop album that's nearly right up there with Fool's Gold, Sugar's Copper Blue and Help!. It contains the sort of shimmery loveliness you could safely shoot off into space, confident it would enhance intergalactic relations. While their latest, Shadows, doesn't scale these giddy heights it still feels as summery as Sue Barker biting on a strawberry on Centre Court, and the new tracks, such as the plinky-plonk new single "Baby Lee", don't sag (that much) tonight.

Album: Hole, Nobody's Daughter, (Mercury)

Having dallied awhile on the fringes of Hollywood without ever establishing herself as more than a thespian novelty and car-crash sideshow, Courtney Love has finally returned to music with Nobody's Daughter, the first Hole album in 12 years, and her first musical offering since America's Sweetheart, her self-pitying solo album from 2004.

Doug Fieger: Leader of The Knack who co-wrote the worldwide hit 'My

Sporting white shirts and skinny black ties, and performing the power pop anthem "My Sharona" on every television show going in the pre-MTV era, The Knack looked and sounded like a throwback to the Beatles at the time of the British invasion and briefly became the acceptable, ubiquitous face of the American new wave. Co-written by the Anglophile vocalist and rhythm guitarist Doug Fieger, who based the lyrics on his lustful feelings for a real Sharona, and lead guitarist Berton Averre, who came up with the catchy riff and played the ferocious solo on the song's Who-like middle eight, "My Sharona" topped the American charts for six weeks and was the best-selling record of 1979.

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Kurt and Sid, Trafalgar Studios, London

Plays which the audience knows will end with the main character putting a shotgun into his mouth might seem to be an acquired taste, but the producers of Kurt and Sid have certainly acquired it. Last July they presented the Hemingway musical, Too Close to the Sun; now they bring us the last day of Kurt Cobain. The shows also have in common an unremitting puerility – this is a two-hander for theatregoers who, like the characters, are mired in petulant adolescence.

Love hurt as Guitar Hero resurrects Kurt Cobain

You can mock his haircut, crack jokes about the "grunge" movement he pioneered, and even take a prurient interest in the drug-related suicide that so tragically killed him. But woe betide anyone who has the gall to suggest that Kurt Cobain might have once been fond of Bon Jovi.

Album: Os Mutantes, Haih or Amortecedor, (Anti)

Formed in Brazil in 1966, Os Mutantes combined pyschedelic rock with traditional Brazilian music to create a sound that has since found favour with artists as varied and influential as Beck, Byrne, Banhart and Kurt Cobain. But can the legend survive a new record, OM's first in 35 years?