Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain's death: 17 years on

It's 17 years now since the death of one of the most iconic frontmen guitar music has ever produced. We look back at some of our key coverage of the life and death of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain's favourites The Vaselines' kiss and make up

It almost feels like the subtitle for our band should be 'The Vaselines: As Endorsed By Nirvana'," says Eugene Kelly. "But we can't avoid that, it's part of our history. If it wasn't for Kurt Cobain we'd be just another group who released a couple of singles and an album, then disappeared into obscurity."

Diary: Mad about the girl

Glamorous Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks graced many a newspaper page yesterday after being hailed as a perfect physical role model by Equalities minister Lynne Featherstone.

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Doug Fieger: Leader of The Knack who co-wrote the worldwide hit 'My

Sporting white shirts and skinny black ties, and performing the power pop anthem "My Sharona" on every television show going in the pre-MTV era, The Knack looked and sounded like a throwback to the Beatles at the time of the British invasion and briefly became the acceptable, ubiquitous face of the American new wave. Co-written by the Anglophile vocalist and rhythm guitarist Doug Fieger, who based the lyrics on his lustful feelings for a real Sharona, and lead guitarist Berton Averre, who came up with the catchy riff and played the ferocious solo on the song's Who-like middle eight, "My Sharona" topped the American charts for six weeks and was the best-selling record of 1979.