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Preview: Shotgun by Imbue

He's been known to smuggle fake heroin and cocaine vending machines onto Brighton pier and deface Cheryl Cole's L'Oreal billboards. Now artist-come-media-stunt-pro Imbue is to display his latest work at No Walls Gallery, Brighton.

Alice Anderson: Tressed for success

Alice Anderson's colossal installations made of red hair are at once comforting, suffocating and scarily realistic, says Alice Jones and very much an extension of the artist herself

Cyberclinic: Why our web searches speak volumes about us

The words we hammer into internet search engines are as true a reflection of our inner thoughts and interests as the outside world will ever get to see. We're not prompted by pollsters or gently guided by external forces; if our field of interest happens to be Nazi memorabilia or midget porn, we're happy to tell a search engine. Anyone who has a blog and has been bored enough to check their statistics will be aware of the bizarre search terms that people type in before stumbling across their pages; my friend Emma recently noticed searches for "mackerel painting" and "gulag lips of inpenetrability" that had inexplicably directed people to her blog about life in Brussels. We treat the search box as something private, the contents of which are known only to us and the search engine.

Rimmel is given a lashing over claims in mascara advert

Mick Jagger's daughter has become the latest face of a misleading beauty campaign. British brand Rimmel exaggerated the benefits of a mascara by pinning false eyelashes on Georgia May Jagger, the singer's daughter by Jerry Hall, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled today.

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Sarkogate: All Le President’s men?

The crisis engulfing France's President Sarkozy is drawing comparisons with the Watergate scandal of the 1970s. John Lichfield considers the evidence