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Leonardo Dicaprio

Great Gatsby is great again: F Scott Fitzgerald's hero is inspiring

Ready or not, gentlemen, the season's sartorial signs point to pre-Depression high society. You can thank the May release of Baz Luhrmann's highly-stylised remake of The Great Gatsby. The rags-to-riches-to-revenge story, F Scott Fitzgerald's best, is set in decadent jazz-age New York, and hasn't seen a big-screen update in 40 years, not since a young and dapper Robert Redford, in the title role, razzle-dazzled Mia Farrow (a coy Daisy Buchanan) out of her gilded wits.

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Now showing, at last: Hollywood's 'new' releases this month are

Cinema-goers who catch a glimpse of Youth In Revolt this week could be forgiven for thinking that its star, Michael Cera, looks distinctly more youthful than the man now promoting the film. They would be right. Youth In Revolt is one of many of 2010's "new" releases that is not quite as new as it sounds. When filming started on the quirky romantic comedy, Cera could still claim the title of teenager, but now he is approaching his 22nd birthday.