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Lockerbie Bombing

'Mandy the movie' hits the cutting room floor after star's wobble

A further twist in the tale of Lord Mandelson and the Rothschild family was played out yesterday in a small market town in Wales, when the former business secretary revoked permission for Hannah Rothschild to show a documentary she has made of the old family friend.

Simon Calder: This extra security suffers from a fundamental flaw

Shortly before Christmas a couple of years ago, I approached the check-in desk at a Spanish airport. Because my luggage had been misrouted on the outbound trip, obliging me to buy new clothes, I had an extra bag, and was preparing to pay to check it in. Just as I reached the desk a colleague phoned. Distracted, I handed over my documents – and found myself clutching the boarding pass, even though I was plainly breaching the rules on cabin baggage. But as the second bag went through the X-ray machine, I remembered I had a bottle of wine that would now surely be confiscated.

Al-Megrahi 'pressured into abandoning appeal'

Supporters of the only man convicted of carrying out the Lockerbie bombing accused the Scottish officials today of pressurising him into abandoning his appeal against his conviction and called on the Government to hold a full public inquiry into Britain’s worst terrorist attack.