London Film Festival

A house full of horror

Traditionally marginalised by the big studios, genre films are finally gaining the respect they deserve, says James Mottram

Sideshow: fairgrounds, carnivals and penny gaffs

Sideshow is a travelling exhibition of drawings and poetry exploring the lives of the people in and around the fairgrounds and penny gaffs of an older England. It examines the transformative effect of the carnival, voyeurism and the human body as a commodity of display.

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Cultural Life: Alan McGee, Creation Records founder

Music: I don't really like music any more. I bought The Coral; the single's brilliant but the album's OK. I bought David Rawlings because he's Gillian Welch's guitarist – I heard one of the songs called "Method Acting" and it's a cover of a Conor Oberst song. But the album's not very good. The one record I liked this year – and I'm shocked to say it as I managed them for years – is Carl Barat's album – it's a complete departure. It's like Scott Walker and Kevin Rowland –it's the best record Carl's ever made.