London Stansted Airport

Rocks stars: An Eden of exotic vegetation on the Aeolian Islands

It had to be an island, but what we really wanted was Italy. The food, the heat, the Spirito di Punto. But Sicily and Sardinia were too big; Capri too crowded. And then I remembered the Aeolian Islands: eight specks of volcanic rock adrift in the Tyrrhenian Sea; often read about, but always just beyond reach.

CPS given Chris Huhne speeding case

The results of fresh investigations into claims cabinet minister Chris Huhne tried to dodge a speeding penalty have been given to prosecutors, Essex Police have confirmed.

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Tips and deals of the week: 13/02/2011

The flight

Ryanair is to introduce direct flights from London Stansted and Liverpool to Rhodes in April, its first foray into Greece, £37.99 each way.

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