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Main attraction: Cruise through Germany between Europe's two great

When the deck hand waved at me, I gave a shy little wave back. The crew on board the Premicon Queen had been nothing if not friendly, so I was left reflecting to myself on the intimate bonhomie of river cruises. Then he gave me a really big, rather more urgent, wave: he was doing a sweep of the top deck to warn us of fast-approaching low bridges, for which Germany's Main river is renowned.

Lufthansa plane in accident in Saudi Arabia

Lufthansa said one of its cargo planes was involved in an accident today in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh and Saudi witnesses and an airport official said it caught fire and crashed on landing.

48 Hours In: Potsdam

The home of Prussian royalty, with its castles, gardens, museums and a profusion of international architecture, is rich in atmosphere and sights.