Michael Morpurgo

Simon Annand: Behind closed doors

Simon Annand gained access to A-list dressing rooms to shoot the stars. As a new exhibition opens, he shares some backstage secrets

Children's books to replace toys in Happy Meals

Children who are regular visitors to McDonald's are used to finding a cheap, plastic toy in their Happy Meals. From today, they will uncover something rather more high-brow: a Michael Morpurgo novel.

Spielberg leads the charge

'War Horse' may take some beating but the year ahead offers some other wonderful apparitions – such as 'Frankenweenie' and Sean Penn as a Goth

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Steven Spielberg: Close encounters of a fresh kind

This summer Steven Spielberg is back in a big way. By working with new, young directors and television producers, Hollywood's most successful film-maker has reinvented himself for the 21st century, says Sarah Hughes