Mick Hucknall

Cornbury Festival, The Great Tew Park, Oxfordshire

Now in its eighth year, the Cornbury Festival, held this year at a new Oxfordshire location, has grown in stature and is as magnificent from above – I went up in a helicopter with a daredevil photographer – as on the ground. It's also fast becoming part of "the season", alongside the Derby, Wimbledon and the Henley Regatta, with Caffè Nero and Pimm's not quite on tap but plentiful in the plush VIP area and beyond.

Pandora: Labour promises an 'A-list' conference act

The Conservatives are to offer more energetic party members the opportunity to rave on to early-Nineties club sensation Angie Brown (last year's star, Tony Hadley, was, we're told, "too busy with Spandau Ballet" to make a second appearance), while the Lib Dems decided not to book anyone – but what of Labour's plans for their conference entertainment?