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Suede - A stylish return for the wild ones

Suede's comeback gig last year was supposed to be a one-off. Now they're re-releasing their hits and headlining festivals. Elisa Bray chatted at Brett Anderson's house

Culture Club: The Kennedys, Thursdays, History

"You Brits will love the Kennedy story. It has all the pomp, sex, money and power struggles you expect from us colonials. Jackie was our queen, Jack our prince. All very royal in an American way."

Culture Club: Let Me In

This week’s Culture Club focuses on Let Me In - the American remake of acclaimed Swedish vampire movie Let The Right One In.

Brett Anderson, Tabernacle, London

Much has been made of Brett Anderson's apparent happiness in the musical "wilderness". After the hedonism of the 1990s (all that energetic, drug-fuelled positioning of himself away from Britpop), the 42-year-old is now very much a solo artist and seems more content for it.

Album: The Juan MacLean, The Future Will Come (DFA)

LCD Soundsystem may be defunct, but James Murphy's DFA label rolls on, and so does its flagship band's spirit. In, for example, the Juan MacLean, whose second album locks into a groove not unlike that of LCD's own masterpiece, Sound of Silver. Indeed, LCD's Nancy Whang is on board as Mr MacLean's sidekick, and the duo's vocal interplay on tracks such as "The Station" inevitably recalls the Human League. Lyrically, Juan is almost the equal of a Murphy or an Oakey.

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