Newcastle Crown Court

Stunt expert not guilty in film death

A special effects expert was cleared of health and safety breaches yesterday after the death of a cameraman during the making of the last Batman film.

Nanny jailed for trying to poison lingerie tycoon

A nanny formerly employed by the Ann Summers lingerie tycoon Jacqueline Gold was jailed yesterday for trying to poison her boss in a "calculated and deceitful" manner. In an attack Judge Christopher Critchlow described as "totally bizarre", Allison Cox spiked her employer's food with screen-wash in an attempt to discredit the family's chef, whom she hated.

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Policeman cleared of cell attack is sacked

A police officer who was jailed and then cleared on appeal after being accused of throwing a woman head-first on the concrete floor of a cell was sacked by his force today.

The referee's a %!)£*%($*&!

As Scotland's football refs create havoc in the sport this weekend, David Randall looks back at some of highs and lows of pitch officialdom