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Nuclear Power

A Fukushima fisherman’s tale: Radioactive water from the Daiichi

Old habits die hard among fishermen. Yoshio Ichida still rises for work every day at 3am and checks the engine of his five-ton boat. Then, as the sun rises over the Pacific and the trawler bobs gently in Soma wharf, he switches off the engine and gazes out at a sea too poisoned to fish.

Masao Yoshida: Nuclear engineer who fought the tsunami meltdowns

Masao Yoshida, who led the life-risking battle at Japan's crippled nuclear power plant when it was spiralling into meltdown following the 2011 tsunami, died yesterday of cancer of the oesophagus at the age of 58. Officials at the Tokyo Electric Power Company said his illness was unrelated to radioactive exposure.

Israel's new Strategic Affairs Minister: 'West must threaten Iran over

A day after talks between international powers and Iran ended without agreement on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, a leading Israeli politician has warned that the Jewish state’s patience is running thin and that the West should impose a deadline of weeks to persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear enrichment programme, or face military action.

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