'The Golden Touch - fencing at the Olympics': Sabre-rattling drama

This arresting image from the London 2012 Olympics, entitled The Golden Touch – fencing at the Olympics, shows the Men's Sabre Team Placement 5-6 match between Nicolas Limbach of Germany and Jingzhi Wang of China. The shot, taken by Russian photographer Sergei Ilnitsky, has secured him second prize in the sports category for Sports Action Stories in the 56th World Press Photo Contest.

Portfolio: Jason Lee

Wang Gengxiang was five when he fell into a pile of burning straw in a courtyard at his home village of Mijiazhuang on the outskirts of Fenyang, Shanxi province, in north China. Most of the skin on his head was burnt off, meaning he has to wear a full surgical mask to prevent infection of the scarring.

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You've run the gauntlet of the press and are safe inside your Merc, right? Wrong. For today's celebrities, Luke Blackall offers his advice

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