Piccadilly Circus

Honest, Queen's Head Pub, London

If each of us were to masturbate into the same cup, it would "produce more of worth to the British taxpayer" than the section of the civil service called the Strategic and Tactical Development Team (acronym STD. T) where Dave, a young Welshman living in London, has the misfortune to work. Nursing a Coke and an existential hangover and clad in a dark suit and tie, Dave – portrayed with a wonderfully nutty charm by Trystan Gravelle – makes us his captive audience in the panelled snug room of the Queen's Head pub in Denman Street near Piccadilly Circus. The epic futility of a bureaucracy effective only at sustaining its own pointless existence has made Dave come unhinged. As he points out, even the name of his department is an offence against reason – "strategic" and "tactical" cancelling each other out and "development" meaning anything you like.

Firms race for right to use landmark

A rare chance to advertise among the famed neon lights of Piccadilly Circus has emerged after the Japanese electronics giant Sanyo withdrew from the London landmark after 33 years. Four leading companies are thought to be interested in taking over the billboard.