The Year in Review: A Haiti earthquake in the time of cholera and

It is the Western hemisphere's poorest nation, hobbled by generations of corruption and social turmoil which have resulted in two-thirds unemployment and an economy entirely reliant on overseas aid. That was Haiti, even before the disaster that struck at around 5pm on Tuesday, 12 January.

Toll rises in Haiti cholera outbreak

At least 135 people have died in a suspected cholera outbreak, and aid groups are rushing in medicine and other supplies today to combat Haiti's deadliest problem since its devastating earthquake.

Art from the heart of Haiti

Scrap metal, second-hand shoes and skulls. These are the materials a trio of Haitian artists, showing together for the first time in London , use for their powerful work. Lherrison, who trained as an artist in a Port-au-Prince atelier under a voodoo priest, sticks coloured buttons on to circuit boards to create his modern collage versions of the flags used in voodoo rituals to summon spirits. His sculptures – horned monsters and chained, beaten-up dolls – undergo their own rituals before making it to the gallery. Having been buried underground, rolled in ash and doused in rum they are, finally, set alight.

New and improved: Rebuilding a disaster zone

The rebuilding of Port-au-Prince won't start for years, yet there's already hope it will herald a brighter future for the Caribbean capital. What, asks Rob Sharp, can we learn from the architectural reinvention of other ruined cities?

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