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How to look good for less – Primark in copycat row

With London Fashion Week starting tomorrow, designers are closeted in studios putting finishing touches to their collections. But one of them may have cause for complaint – the discount retailer Primark is selling copies of one of her outfits at a tenth of the price of the real thing.

John Walsh: When leaders suffer a Lear moment

As Laurent Gbagbo hid in his Abidjan bunker yesterday, waiting for the end, did he think it was all worth it? Thirteen hundred people dead, 130,000 Ivorians fled to Liberia, a million more displaced, blood-crazed gangs roaming the streets – and all because of a man who couldn't leave the power chair when his time was up.

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Retail giants shamed by UK sweatshops

Clothing on sale in the high street is being made in Britain in dirty, dangerous and “appalling” conditions, according to secret television footage which will intensify pressure on a fashion industry hit by a series of sweatshop scandals.

James Moore: Primark is the best summer seller

Love it or loathe it, you can't avoid it – at least not anymore. As we report today, Primark became Britain's biggest clothes retailer by sales volumes over the summer. That is a position that has traditionally been occupied by Marks and Spencer (although Asda briefly nosed into the lead last summer) and Primark's ascent is a shot right across Marc Bolland's bows. There will be no time for him to get too comfy at his no doubt splendidly appointed desk at the M&S Lubyanka.