Richard Thompson

Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy, Union Chapel, London

Gigs rarely start out with such emotive charge, but that is precisely what this mother-and-daughter combo achieve on their opening number "Dreaming". The elder Norma Waterson imbues the wistful, strikingly simple lyric with her resonant, worldly-wise delivery, though there is an added poignancy to lines such as “living is just too hard to do.”

Sons of Noel and Adrian/Left With Pictures, The Slaughtered Lamb,

The black-box basement of this Clerkenwell pub is a reliable well of new music, hosting nights like Electroacoustic Club and The Moonshine Jamboree, which tonight brings together representatives of two mutually appreciative folk-ish scenes: Sons of Noel and Adrian (part of Brighton's Wilkommen collective) and London's Left With Pictures.

Richard Thompson, The Barbican, London

Almost 10 years ago, as everyone was gearing themselves up for a new millennium, magazines and newspapers were falling over themselves to produce the end-of-year list to beat all end-of-year lists.