Royal College Of Art

Inside the artist’s studio: Anne Hardy

British artist Anne Hardy photographs large-scale interior spaces which she carefully constructs over several months. Using complex camera techniques, reflections and painstaking positioning of objects, she conjures still life images that look as if a person has just stepped out of them and paint vivid portraits of that imaginary occupant.

The 10 best bookends

It’s easy to tame everything from scruffy paperbacks to large art tomes with these quirky, sturdy and downright stylish shelf accessories...

Great people drive great business

A great company is driven by great people. It really is that simple. Often, when we think of the type of employees we want, we look for those who will get the job done - but really it is not about that at all. As the marketing guru Seth Godin claims, we do not want ‘cogs’, we want ‘linchpins’.

Street art not to Collishaw's palate

Mat Collishaw, a former "young British artist" whose work includes pictures of skulls punctured by bullets, has condemned the world of street art for being full of the "privileged" few who are "affecting a political consciousness".

Album: Amy Millan, Masters of the Burial (Arts & Crafts)

"This record," says Starsand Broken Social Scenesinger Millan, "is thesoundtrack of the time inbetween when the candleburns out and yourdreams begin." And sureenough these countrytingedlullabies do indeedcontain a seductive andsedate magic. But whilethat may be fine in thewee small hours, by thecold light of day MOTBbecomes a rather onedimensionalproposition,and though Millan's voiceis as sweet as ever, theoverwhelming impressionis of a performer who hasput restraint ahead ofrapture.