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Royal College Of Art

The Golden Lizard, Pleasance Courtyard

As you’d expect from a show that combines the comic talents of Mike Wozniak and Henry Paker, there are flashes of bonkers brilliance in this hour. Part adventure, part bogus science lecture, it’s loosely the tale of the pursuit of a missing and mysteriously powerful library book, The Golden Lizard. A tale of “men with congenitally sinister eyes”, romance among the Rolodexes and Shiny Clive, the bald squirrel.

Album: Amy Millan, Masters of the Burial (Arts & Crafts)

"This record," says Starsand Broken Social Scenesinger Millan, "is thesoundtrack of the time inbetween when the candleburns out and yourdreams begin." And sureenough these countrytingedlullabies do indeedcontain a seductive andsedate magic. But whilethat may be fine in thewee small hours, by thecold light of day MOTBbecomes a rather onedimensionalproposition,and though Millan's voiceis as sweet as ever, theoverwhelming impressionis of a performer who hasput restraint ahead ofrapture.