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Royal Shakespeare Company

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Corin Redgrave: Actor whose involvement in radical politics kept him

With his genetic inheritance – his father was one of the stage greats of his era, Sir Michael Redgrave, and his mother, Rachel Kempson, was a distinguished actress – it was hardly surprising that Corin Redgrave, like his sisters Vanessa and Lynn, should choose a career in the theatre. After an early period of promise which included some performances for the Royal Shakespeare Company marking him out as a significant talent, his involvement with radical politics (often in alliance with his elder sister Vanessa) took him away from the theatre for two decades. His return in the 1990s was an extraordinary comeback, seeing him ceaselessly active as director (opening a new theatre venture, the Garrick at Lichfield, in 2003), theatrical campaigner (lobbying against the proposed demolition of the Arts Theatre in London), writer and actor on stage and screen. Intriguingly, some of his later stage successes were in roles associated with his father, including Crocker-Harris in The Browning Version, Frank Elgin in The Country Girl and King Lear for the RSC.

Frankenstein draws Slumdog director Danny Boyle back to live theatre

After describing his career as a filmmaker as a 15-year "distraction", Danny Boyle, the Oscar-winning director of Slumdog Millionaire, is set to return to his original role as a theatre director with a "spectacular" production of Frankenstein that he first conceived almost a decade ago.