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Humiliation for 'Saint Vince' as he loses his halo

There were a lot of things Vince Cable could have got away with, but bragging that he had declared war on Rupert Murdoch was not one of them. That is not because Mr Murdoch is the country's biggest media baron, but because Mr Cable was supposed to be representing the national interest as the arbiter of Mr Murdoch's formal bid to be the sole owner of BSkyB.

MPs urge Iraq inquiry to recall Blair

Tony Blair could be brought back before the Iraq war inquiry to face questions over whether he pressurised his Attorney General to change his advice and declare the invasion to be legal.

Simon Hughes launches Lib Dem deputy bid

Simon Hughes today launched his bid to become deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, with the backing of outgoing deputy and Business Secretary Vince Cable.

Blango's now running for office

Columba Blango has gone head to head with a heavyweight opponent before. On 6 May, come General Election Day, the 53-year-old Southwark borough councillor will be up against Harriet Harman in the fight for the parliamentary seat of Camberwell and Peckham. Having been the constituency MP for 27 years now, Ms Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, is rated as a 1-100 odds-on favourite with Ladbrokes. Still, Councillor Blango, the Liberal Democrat candidate, is a clear second favourite among the seven contenders, at 20-1 against. Back in 1980, when he took on Daley Thompson at the Moscow Olympics, he was not given an earthly chance.

Cable will be given front-row seat on election battlebus

The Liberal Democrat party hopes to exploit the popularity of its deputy leader, Vince Cable, at the general election by giving him a central role in the campaign and encouraging him to stray beyond his current economic remit.

The Big Question: To what extent are Boris Johnson and David Cameron

Television viewers have a treat in store. A new drama is in preparation, about privately educated and very self-confident young men showing off in an elite university in bygone years. It will look like a dramatisation of an Evelyn Waugh, but actually it will be a drama documentary about the two men whose rivalry will be a major element in Conservative politics for many more years. Despite their shared past, David Cameron and Boris Johnson are not soul mates. Their relations are tense – even, it is suggested, at breaking point.

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We are the champions: the new chancellors

Queen's guitarist Brian May epitomises the kind of chancellor being appointed to universities today – hip, anti-establishment and in touch with students. Lucy Hodges looks at how an ancient role has changed

We will be the party of tax cuts, says Clegg

Nick Clegg will today commit the Liberal Democrats to cutting the overall tax burden as he relaunches his party as one committed to fairness for people on low and middle incomes.