Mary McIntosh: Sociologist, writer and pioneer in the feminist and

Mary McIntosh, the leading feminist sociologist and academic, was not scared of breaking boundaries. She was looked on as being one of the leaders of the "second-wave" of the feminist movement, and was also one of the founders of the gay and lesbian movement. McIntosh fought for equal rights, and both sexual and legal recognition for all. She was instrumental in making the academic world reconsider the sociological lives of gays and lesbians.

The glass ceiling smashers

A look at some of the most influential women on the world stage - female figures who have turned the tides and made history

Sociology lessons World of Warcraft-style

It’s no secret that ‘WoW’ fans take their game of choice very seriously. But it’s not just part-time orcs and weekend mages who are passionate about the title’s importance. The sociologist William Sims Bainbridge has just published a book, ‘The Warcraft Civilization: Social Science in aVirtual World’, which explores whether what happens in the Warcraft World could predict what happens in reality.