South Ossetia

Nato expected to resume ties with Russians

Seven months after breaking ties with Russia over its invasion of Georgia, the Nato alliance moved today toward resuming formal relations despite lingering concerns about Moscow's approach to reasserting its regional influence.

Georgia mounts fight-back after accusations of aggression

Fresh witness accounts have undermined Georgia's portrayal of its onslaught on the breakaway territory of South Ossetia as a purely defensive operation, and prompted authorities to launch a fightback to counter allegations that it is rewriting the history of its six-day war with Russia.

Russia shows off the spoils of war in Georgia

The Russian army has put on display war trophies captured during the Georgia conflict at a museum in Moscow, in an attempt to reinforce its claim that the United States and the West were responsible for encouraging Georgia to attack its breakaway region of South Ossetia. After Moscow officially recognised South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent 10 days ago, the exhibition is another sign that, far from caving under Western criticism of its actions, Russia is keen to milk the propaganda spoils of the war.

US military delivers Georgia aid

The US military came within 60 miles of the Russian army yesterday in Georgia as an American warship arrived in the Black Sea port of Batumi to deliver humanitarian aid to the embattled Caucasus country.

A concert for Ossetians – to Russia's tune

Many have lost relatives, some no longer have homes, but they all put on their best evening dress and flocked to Tskhinvali's central square to see one of the world's most famous conductors lead an emotional concert in support of his people – and Russian military action.

A new world order: The week Russia flexed its military muscle

A six-day conflict in the Caucasus mountains has transformed the international balance of power, with Russia now looking stronger than ever. But what sparked it? Diplomatic Editor Anne Penketh reveals how the Georgian government walked straight into a trap set by Moscow – and considers the consequences of the first war in Europe for a decade

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Judgement day dawns after Russia pledges to quit Georgia

The moment of truth on Russia's intentions in Georgia comes today when, according to President Dmitry Medvedev, his forces will start pulling out of the parts of the country it has occupied. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, also faced one of the toughest diplomatic missions of her career when she arrived in Tbilisi yesterday to hold Russia to its side of the ceasefire and prop up the Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.

The new Cold War: Crisis in the Caucasus

Russia finally signs ceasefire – but no sign of pull-out yet as Moscow exploits West's discomfort to the hilt. By Kim Sengupta in Gori, Shaun Walker in Tbilisi, and Rupert Cornwell in Washington

After Georgia, Moscow issues nuclear warning to Poland

A senior Russian general has revived fears of a new Cold War by threatening Poland with a possible nuclear strike, as the President of Georgia bowed to the inevitable and signed a ceasefire the terms of which were dictated by Moscow.

War is absurd, says Russian pilot shot down over Georgia

Most of the patients in the labyrinthine Gudushauri Hospital on the eastern outskirts of Tbilisi are being treated for injuries suffered during the Russian invasion, with more than 600 people admitted in the past few days.