Spy Fiction Films

Bourne again, and again, and again

The action thriller is set to return to screens, this time without its original action man. How do you reboot a franchise with an unknown hero? Emma Jones finds out

Des Bishop: My Dad Was Nearly James Bond, Assembly Rooms

The buzz coming off this show has been as loud as the sound of a devilish gadget fashioned by Q. The name that counts here, though, is Bishop, Mike Bishop, not James Bond. Mike Bishop, father of Des, is a former actor and model who was in line for the James Bond role but was beaten to it by George Lazenby. Though this could be seen as a lucky escape, Bishop tells us that his father can't watch the spy films because they remind him of a career that might have been. That regret paled into insignificance when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year.

... and God created Angelina

She's become the world's number-one female celebrity – and it will take more than a scandalous new biography to bring the divine Miss Jolie down, writes Liz Hoggard

Airplane! pilot Peter Graves dies aged 83

Peter Graves, who starred in the 1960s TV show Mission: Impossible and the Airplane! movies, has died in Los Angeles on Sunday, four days before his 84th birthday.

Brit flicks: Where you live and what you watch

Are you more likely to rent Trainspotting if you live in Edinburgh? Do coastal towns prefer pirate flicks? To find out if geography determines our taste in films, Tim Walker analyses the choices of over 600,000 British movie lovers