Standard Chartered

Investor backlash sends Standard Chartered reeling

Standard Chartered saw a quarter of its value wiped away yesterday as furious investors sold the bank's shares in the wake of allegations by US regulators that the pillar of the British financial establishment facilitated money laundering on an industrial scale.

Uefa to examine Abu Dhabi ties in City's £400m sponsors deal

Manchester City may have to prove that their Abu Dhabi owner is not "influenced" by his half-brother, who chairs Etihad Airways, if their £400m sponsorship deal with the emirate's national airline is to avoid failing one of the key tests of the Uefa Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

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Kenya rejoices at the 'birth of a new republic'

Kenya was swept by a wave of optimism yesterday unseen since the victory celebrations for Barack Obama's presidential win. That triumph was down to a Kenyan descendant, but this win was entirely homegrown as the final results showed an overwhelming majority of the country had backed a new constitution.