Steve Redgrave

Awesome Kiwis beat British boys into bronze

It would be woefully parochial to trace the glory of the bronze medals won by British oarsmen yesterday only to a flourishing home camp. The bigger picture instead implores due congratulation to Alan Campbell, George Nash and Will Satch for the company they kept, not round the breakfast table, but on the lake itself.

Alchemist Anna Watkins helps turn Katherine Grainger's silver into

ABSOLUTELY the first imperative is that everyone remembers to look upon this beaming, beatific champion and say: “Jolly well done, Anna Watkins!” It is her alchemy, after all, that has finally turned silver into gold. And it was instructive of the charm that has compounded Katherine Grainger’s status, as darling of this regatta, that the glory they shared here yesterday was as much a matter of parity as synchronicity. Reciprocally, however, Watkins will understand if Grainger, having at last requited a 12-year craving, is widely saluted as first among equals.

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