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Music review: Jason Isbell, St Pancras Old Church, London

In country music, if daddy ain't a no-good son of a gun, then he invariably often acts as a font of wisdom, a tradition carried on enthusiastically by this Muscle Shoals, Alabama, native, who peppers his ballads with Pop's pithy saws. Indeed, not long after we hear about a young Jason Isbell being taught 'The right things's always the hardest thing to do' in "Different Days", then the solo artist performs a number built entirely on paternal apercus.

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Review: Two Soldiers, By Roslund & Hellström. Quercus, £16.99

Whatever your ultimate response to this new novel by the Swedish criminologist and ex-criminal duo, the hardest-hitting writers of the Scandinavian crime wave, you will find yourself utterly engaged from the very first chapter. Whether or not (through the 600 pages of Two Soldiers) that inexorable grip is maintained is perhaps more open to debate.