Victoria Station murder trial halted

The Old Bailey trial of seven teenagers accused of the murder a 15-year-old boy at Victoria station ground to a halt today after jurors were discharged.

The Diary: Shazia Mirza; Jo Wood; Serpentine Gallery; V&A; Women's

Virginia Woolf isn't the only woman to have felt a pressing need for a room of her own. The comedian Shazia Mirza has been denied this over the past few years at the Edinburgh Fringe, and has instead found herself sharing a flat with a bunch of waifs and strays. "Every year, whenever I've gone up, I've had someone sleeping in my living room. One year, I woke up to find someone sleeping in my wardrobe, another year there was someone in the bathtub." The infestation of festival-goer friends looking for a roof for the night has become so severe that she has rented her very own one-bedroom flat, in central Edinburgh, for her month- long stay from 4 August, the day she starts her new show, Multiple Choice. "I didn't care how much it cost, I just knew I had to wake up alone." Meanwhile, she is performing in Amsterdam this weekend, she tells me, and will adapt the cultural elements in her show to fit, as she does wherever she goes. When she's in Britain, she peppers the act with references to her Asian heritage; in America, she is often mistaken for being Mexican, so that goes into her act. "When I got mistaken for a Mexican, people kept speaking to me in Mexican and they put me on a Mexican show, where the whole audience was also Mexican. They hated me when they found out I was English!" Just as long as she's not mistaken for a Spaniard this weekend. Those still-smarting Dutch football fans might not see the funny side.

Abba tribute bands told they must change their names

You might call it a case of "Thank you for the music – but now please change your name". Abba tribute acts, who have kept the memory of Sweden's most famous export alive since the band played their last concert more than 25 years ago, have been told by band's record company they can no longer use the group's name.

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