Swimwear: In the swim

You don’t have to be a natural athlete to make the most of these sporty, and helpfully supportive styles, says Emma Akbareian

The only way is accessories

Whether you favour colourful print or minimalist white, give your outfit a kiss of life with the hippest new finishing touches from the high street

Woman sells all husband's possessions as revenge for cheating

There are a number of well-practiced methods of dealing with the discovery a spouse has been cheating. You can sweep it under the rug, you can go to couples' therapy, you can get your own back. Or - as one Vancouver woman showed last week - you can post an ad for a "huge ass estate sale" and sell all the culprit's treasured possessions for a knockdown price. Chah-ching!

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The technology of 2023

If they even woke up at all, there won't be many new year's revellers who roused themselves this morning to wonder what technological marvels the next ten years have in store. Thankfully, Wired has done that piece of thinking for us.