Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Parties: Who said this was cheesy?

It was cheap but cheerful at the crisps company Walkers' "Do us a Flavour" party at London's Paramount Club on 8 January, where the outlandish finalists in a public competition to create a new variety were unveiled. Canapés were replaced by crisps, but, with plenty of bubbly to go around, the crowd – a heady mix of B-listers – didn't seem to mind.

Blunt bites back: The singer answers his (many) critics

He's rich, famous, boasts a jet-set lifestyle and has the supermodel girlfriends to match. Shame, then, that James Blunt also gets dubbed the most hated man in pop. What's he done to deserve it? And should he even care? Esther Walker finds out