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Twilight: the world's richest bloody franchise

85 million books sold. The biggest opening of any film in US history. Guy Adams and Arifa Akbar investigate how the 'Twilight' vampire stories got their teeth into the minds – and purses – of teenage girls the world over

The ten best vampire holidays

A plethora of fang-bearing films and television shows have hit our screens recently, from The Vampire’s Assistant to the highly acclaimed True Blood, and the latest is New Moon, sequel to the 2008 hit Twilight, released last week.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (12A)

Second time out for the star-crossed high-school lovers Bella and Edward: she's human, he's a vampire, it could never work between them.

Kristen Stewart - The Twilight zone

Kristen Stewart's role as Bella in the films of Stephenie Meyer's vampire novels have made her a superstar. Lesley O'Toole meets the teen sensation

Sounds Like Teen Spirit: Optimistic teenagers?

Adolescents get a bad rap on the big screen, but an acclaimed documentary film set in the world of Junior Eurovison is redressing the balance. It's about time, says Rosamund Witcher