The Black Eyed Peas

What's so great about the outdoors?

Whether it's cafe tables or cinema screenings, concerts or picnics in the park, we're obsessed with going alfresco. But, argues Tim Walker, life on the inside is far more civilised

Music & Me: When Saints Go Machine

When Saints Go Machine produce ice-cool shimmering pop that belies their tongue- in-cheek moniker. Signed to hip dance label !K7 records, expect to hear a lot more of the Danish foursome’s stunning songs this summer. Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild took time out to answer our questions.

The Black Eyed Peas/Cheryl Cole, O2 Arena, London

The Black Eyed Peas occupy an uncomfortable area of pop music, somewhere in between easily identifiable cheap schlock and irrefutable – often accidental – genius. There's no doubt that, as performers, they are top-notch, focusing all their energies on crowd satisfaction, but as artists they are either oddly flimsy under scrutiny, or woefully misconstrued. It was impossible during this gig to come down firmly on either side.

Hit & Run: Golden Gowns

Forget all usual Hollywood waffle about the actor's craft, what some of us really care about is the actor's dress sense. Fortunately this year's Golden Globes provided us with an entertaining crop of fashion blockbusters, classics and downright turkeys. Herewith, some of the key themes.

Cultural Life: Kelly Osbourne

'I picked up a book called 'Daughters of Shame' by Jasvinder Sanghera at the airport because I needed something to read on the plane.'

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Testing, testing: why Obama was lost for words

Barack Obama shared top billing with Elmo from Sesame Street, Papa Smurf and Clifford the Big Red Dog, as children from across the US descended on the White House yesterday for the annual Easter Egg Roll. And for a brief moment, the great orator was silenced by a faulty sound system, reduced to tapping the mic and forced instead to make polite conversation with a giant Easter Bunny.

Ferguson red-faced after Ruby rejection

Ruby Walsh laughed when it was put to him that he had just become the racing world's equivalent of Alan Shearer after he had turned down Sir Alex Ferguson to join forces with a main rival. But then, he would have considered the analogy and said "to hell with that". Shearer happened to miss out on a treble because of his decision to snub Fergie for Newcastle; Walsh was in the process of doing exactly the reverse.