The Museum Of Modern Art

Cultural Life: Marina Diamandis, singer

Books: I only read books which are factual. At the moment, I'm reading 'Stumbling on Happiness' by Daniel Gilbert. I'm half-way through it. It's about how to measure happiness. Really, it's a sociology book. My Dad's half Greek and I've been reading a lot about Greek mythology. Greek mythology is so rich in ideas, especially about morality – which can inspire my work.

Bought at a garage sale for $45, the photographs worth more than $200m

Rick Norsigian, a Californian antique buff, knew exactly what he was looking for when he went rooting through a Fresno garage in 2000. He was looking for a vintage barber's chair, to add to his eclectic collection of old telephone switchboards, petrol pumps and aeroplane propellers. But when the chair turned out to be a dud, he chanced upon something that changed his life: two boxes of antique glass negatives which, a Beverly Hills art appraiser declared yesterday, were the work of Ansel Adams, the father of American photography.

Artist Louise Bourgeois dies, aged 98

French-born American artist Louise Bourgeois, whose sculptures explored women's deepest feelings on birth, sexuality and death, died last night. She was 98.

The Nazis, the Jewish banker, and the battle for two priceless

The paintings are not only priceless, but they have been among the star attractions at New York's Museum of Modern Art and the city's equally renowned Guggenheim Museum for more than four decades. Both are early Picassos painted at the beginning of the 20th century – before the two world wars that would engulf Europe and ultimately lead to the current blockbuster of a legal battle.

The Travel Issue: New York in April

Taking advantage of the palsied dollar, most European visitors to Manhattan hotfoot it for the retail delights of Macy's or Bloomingdales, but the highlight of my trip was a destination where your credit cards stay in your pocket (mostly). I had not visited the Museum of Modern Art since it re-opened in virtually new premises in November 2004.