The Salvation Army

Eat to the beat: The food tents at this year's festivals have a very

It was the August bank holiday. The rain was going from drizzle to downpour and as I peeped out of my weather-beaten tent to survey the landscape at the Reading Festival, the last thing I wanted was another cereal bar. Or another Babybel, another bag of crisps – or any of the other provisions I'd so frugally packed the Friday before. So half an hour later I found myself sitting opposite an infinitely more appealing plate of grilled halloumi, rocket, aubergine and roast peppers, accompanied by a hefty wedge of focaccia.

Powell offered one more chance as part of Sale rebuilding

Andrew Powell, the international No 8 sacked by Wasps after brawling with a group of football supporters in a Shepherd's Bush bar and finishing a distant second, has secured a two-year contract with Sale, who are rebuilding their squad after confirming the departure of 21 players earlier this week. The deal, finalised yesterday, gives the Welshman a second bite at a Premiership career that looked to have turned sour on him.

Harry Beckett: Highly respected trumpeter who worked with Mingus,

One of the most eloquent and inventive of our jazz players, the trumpeter and flugelhorn player Harry Beckett didn't get the recognition he deserved. Because he was a quiet and gentle person, he remained a sideman and not primarily a bandleader. He was unique in that his lyrical and romantic style allowed him to play adventurous and even free-form jazz and still to communicate lucidly with his audience. He was also at home with reggae and electronic jazz.

Ronnie O'Byrne: Stalwart of the Amalgamated Engineering Union

In the 1960s and '70s, ICI was a considerable power in the land, and their main Board was one of the major centres of power in Britain. Since the culture of the company was to have sensible industrial relations conducted on a basis of dignity, ICI established a suitable mechanism, the ICI Central Committee, representing all relevant trade unions. Primus inter pares was the Amalgamated Engineering Union, and for more than 20 years one of its members, a protégé of the AEU's powerful General Secretary, the Salvation Army officer John Boyd, was his Roman Catholic and fellow Scot, Ronnie O'Byrne.

Actress Jean Simmons dies aged 80

Jean Simmons, the stunning beauty who sang with Marlon Brando in Guys and Dolls and was Ophelia to Laurence Olivier's Hamlet, died today.

Brooks Mileson: Businessman and philanthropist who took tiny Gretna to

Brooks Mileson, a pony-tailed Sunderland-born eccentric who made a fortune in business and gave much of it away to struggling football clubs, was defined in the public's mind by the rise and demise of Gretna FC, the Scottish minnows he bankrolled to fairytale heights and then abandoned.

Interiors: Golden oldies

Forget the fickle ways of fashion: furnishing your home with the best of the past can be a very good thing, says Esther Walker. Photographs by Beth Evans