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Bourne again, and again, and again

The action thriller is set to return to screens, this time without its original action man. How do you reboot a franchise with an unknown hero? Emma Jones finds out

Patricia Medina: Actress who found fame in Hollywood as a siren in

The actress Patricia Medina was a beautiful brunette whose striking features were ideally suited to costume melodrama. British-born, she had a modest career in the UK before moving to Hollywood with her first husband, the actor Richard Greene. Though she played leading lady to such stars as Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Alan Ladd, she never attained major-star status, though she was a spirited performer and voluptuous siren in several swashbucklers and occasionally revealed a latent flair for comedy. Her second husband was another actor, Joseph Cotten, whose prolific career included Citizen Kane, Shadow of a Doubt, Duel in the Sun and The Third Man, and theirs was considered one of Hollywood's happiest marriages, lasting until his death in 1995.

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