Turner Prize

Turner Prize: There was always much to be outraged about – but not now

We’ve had Martin Creed’s lightbulb that turned itself on and off, and Chris Ofili’s elephant dung paintings. Submissions to the Turner Prize have always been controversial, but this year we saw no outrage – just generosity from its winner Helen Marten, whose work has been dubbed ‘poetic’. But all is not as it seems, says Michael Glover

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Artes Mundi Prize, National Museum of Art, Cardiff

Phil Collins was working in Jessops and studying for his MFA when he came upon the idea of turning customers' photos into art. These common-place images - of people getting married or getting drunk - possessed an unguarded intimacy, at once posed and trusting.

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The National Portrait Gallery has unveiled its largest commission to date, the culmination of three years’ work, dedicated to the “spirit of greatness” of those involved in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.