Ugly Betty

Ashley Jensen: 'Ricky and Extras changed my life'

A Ricky Gervais sitcom made Ashley Jensen a star and helped her land a role in 'Ugly Betty'. In her first interview since becoming a mother, she talks Hollywood, Botox, and her new comedy with Rosamund Witcher

Glad to have been a Girl Guide

It is 100 years since girls stormed a Boy Scout jamboree, demanding to join in. The Guides have come a long way since then, reports Rachel Shields

Last Night's Television: Famous, Rich and Homeless, BBC1

In an anonymous warehouse in London, five celebrities – looking as edgy as miscreants in a headmaster's office – are being briefed on what they can expect when they're hit the streets. "You're 13 times more likely to be attacked," they are told. "People are going to try and urinate on you... people are going to spit on you." Blimey, I thought. I know that Hardeep Singh Kohli and Les Battersby aren't to everyone's taste but that's going a bit far surely. But this, it appears, is not a prediction of public attitudes to the famous. It's a simple statement about what the homeless can routinely expect. The celebrities turn a little paler, suffering, I guess, a particularly sharp version of that regret one often feels for a "yes" too casually given three or four months earlier. When Famous, Rich and Homeless was still just a prospect it must have seemed quite an interesting one – live the life of a down-and-out for just 10 days, for a reality format that aims to raise public awareness of their plight. With the reality looming things looked very different.

Album: The Panics, Cruel Guards (Pública)

Australian quintet The Panics epitomise that rarest of qualities in today's instant-success-or-else music industry: the slow-burning act which uses years of dues-paying to establish its fanbase and its own mature sound.

Peaches reveals her vulnerable side

The charts are full of sassy young female solo stars, but Peaches was there first. With a reputation as a shocking exhibitionist, she tells Fiona Sturges she has a vulnerable side too