Uk 60's & 70's Rock Bands And Artists

Album: The Pirates, Shakin' with the Devil (Salvo/Fly)

Without The Pirates we wouldn't have had Dr Feelgood, let alone Johnny Kidd. Maybe not The Who. The Pirates permitted all manner of things to occur. And for a brief period in the late 1970s, they staged a comeback, sounding like the Feelgoods sans Brilleaux, sans psychosis, sans a little swing. Here are their finest moments, many of them live, all of them demonstrating why Mick Green plus Fender Tele Custom should be taken as the sound of British electric guitar. Rockin'.

Paul Rodgers: He will rock you

He is best known for singing the lead vocals on Free's 1970 hit All Right Now and Paul Rodgers tells John Walsh that he still enjoys being in the spotlight 40 years on

Album: Lawrence Arabia, Chant Darling (Bella Union)

Lawrence Arabia isn't his real name, of course: his real name is Dave Arabia. OK, it's James Milne, a 28-year-old from New Zealand who has served time with the Ruby Suns and Okkervil River, and wrote the score for Eagle vs Shark.

Ginger Baker: Drum cat who got the Cream

Even if you missed growing up in the 1960s, you're bound to have heard Ginger Baker's explosive drumming with the rock bands Cream and Blind Faith. In both beat combos, Baker was an amazing sight.

The Small Faces - a fanbase that's alive and kicking

It’s more than 18 years since Steve Marriott died after fire swept through his 16th century Essex home and yet, with the help of Facebook, the greatest of mod icons has become a hero to a fanbase more international than he ever had when he was alive.

Album: Marianne Faithfull, Live at the BBC (Decca)

Faithfull's early pop career was as coolly, poshly, folksily soignée as any early pop career has ever been: a sonic emblem of the unreachability of a certain archetype of feminised English romanticism:

Album: The Move, Looking On (Salvo)

Looking On was a transitional album in The Move’s career, with Jeff Lynne drafted in to replace the cabaret-bound Carl Wayne and share some of Roy Wood’s songwriting burden, en route to ELO.